The Essence of Servant Leadership

Leadership is the practiced ability to inspire, nurture, and excite human potential. This course confirms that true leaders are consistently heart-centered and mindful in their service to others. This highly interactive program offers proven method to participants to master their fear, to generate a contagious confidence , and to realize their full leadership potential through self-mastery. This program provides essential tools for you to build bridges of trust, to engage the passion of your Team, and to translate your vision into reality.

Key Outcomes


  • Listen with empathy
  • Master fear

  • Generate a contagious confidence

  • Engage the full creativity of your team

  • Execute tasks with maximum efficiency


Mastering Effective Presentation Skills

Effective public speaking is not a talent or a gift but a learned and practiced skill. That skill to deliver effective presentations is essential to your leadership. The ability to craft a clear and compelling message,  to deliver that message with authority and conviction, to capture the belief of your audience, and to engage people to action is critical to your success.

Key Outcomes


  • Master fear
  • Craft a convincing message

  • Capture the full power of your voice

  • Engage the passion of your audience

  • Inspire people to action


Team Building Facilitation

Culture is the heart and soul of any team. Culture is what defines a team’s values, beliefs, principles, standards, and reason for being. In working with your team, Peter McCoppin will meet with your leaders to determine key objectives. To gain critical knowledge of underlying issues, he will then send out a confidential questionnaire to all participants. On the basis of the questionnaire results, he will facilitate a process by which team members on a level playing field will define their culture in a written, living charter. In a highly interactive session, team members will specify values, behaviours, and actions to which they agree to hold themselves and each other accountable. The result will be a team unified at its core – a community pulling together. This proven process has helped over 80 teams to connect with their ‘burning why’ – their passion and purpose. 

Key Outcomes

  • Improvement on all performance measures

  • Diminished attrition

  • Improved scores in 360 reviews

  • Marked increase in: innovation, engagement, autonomy, and cooperation

  • Strengthening of your brand and reputation as a team

Customized Workshops and Coaching 

Available To Address Clients' Specific Needs And Requests