Most people know me from my public life as a symphonic conductor, executive coach, host/broadcaster, and key-note speaker.

Many have commented through the years on my energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life. I would like to share with you something of my private life - the source of my passion, focus, and energy


My Mantra

Embrace gratitude; love unconditionally; encourage enthusiastically; listen patiently; serve truthfully; celebrate fabulously; live fully!

Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring:

My joy is to help people to discover the leader within them. I love to work with teams helping them to create, to own, and to sustain a culture, which empowers one and all. I am passionately committed to support a balance of men and women in leadership around the world. That balance will ensure inclusive benefit to one and all as we move forward together into the future.


My daily commitment is to maintain a balance of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. I nourish myself with intention; eat organic and low glycemic; grow and share my own vegetables; choose foods that charge me to thrive.

Motion is key to my physical health. Yoga, gardening, cycling, swimming (preferably outside), walking, and weight training keep me fit and vibrant.


My garden is a delight. I share it with all who wish to enter. Nature is all its wondrous form inspires me every day. Learn more


Yoga is my daily practice. It opens my heart; calms my mind; fires my spirit. Yoga brings me home to myself to a place from which I connect intimately with those people I serve. Learn more



Meditation is the key to maintaining my center. From that place and in that space I find intimate connection both to myself and to those I serve. Reading informs my awareness, broadens my perspective, and opens my mind to continuous learning.


I love a wide range of music and continue to conduct. For example in May 2013 I returned to China for the fourth time for a concert with the Shenzhen Symphony. Every evening I conclude the day with playing at the piano.