“Peter’s Genius Is His Ability To Show Others How To Transform Their Ideas Into Clear, Powerful And Engaging Messages That Command Attention And Move People To Action. ”


“Peter Was Supportive And Demanding. He Provided Me With Specific, Concrete Feedback
On My Presentation - Both Content And Delivery , And Helped Me To Gain Confidence In My Speaking Skills”

Deputy Minister - Ministry of Justice, Government of British Columbia

“Peter Was Able To Capture My Key Goals, Ideas, And Concepts, And Transform Them Into Powerful And Effective Messages. He Is Passionate, Engaged, Enthusiastic, Erudite, And Highly Insightful…A Consummate Teacher.”

Founder and Director of Canassist - University of Victoria (For his presentation to the Senate of Canada)

“We were a new executive team, with a young first-time CEO. Working with Peter was an awakening – through his facilitation he inspired in us a culture of strategic planning, centered in deep personal connection with what we each wished to be part of creating, over our lifetime.  And from those retreats with Peter emerged a 10 year corporate strategy that continues to serve us today, some five years later. I am incredibly grateful.”

P.Eng. President & CEO British Columbia Safety Authority

"I believe speeches are an art and a reflection of our souls – one always wants to be sure to connect, captivate and compel their audience to action. Peter has a magical way of helping you bring your words to life. If you are committed to raising your own personal bar I highly recommend you speak with Peter McCoppin."

Executive Vice-President of Enbridge Inc.

"Of all the courses I have taken, Peter's Leadership course was by far the best and most beneficial to my professional development".

President and Founder of Reliable Controls 

Peter McCoppin has facilitated a number of problem solving, decision making, and building leadership skills sessions for Procurement and Supply Services. Of all the facilitators we have used over the years, and I have been responsible for, Procurement and Supply Services for twenty-two years, I can say with all honesty that Peter McCoppin stands head and shoulders above all other facilitators. He has an ability to generate enthusiastic involvement of all participants, focus issues, encourage creative thinking and problem solving, and produce results that are superior to what would have occurred without his involvement.

Vern Burkhardt
Queen’s Printer for British Columbia and Executive Director, Procurement and Supply Services

Peter has a unique ability to draw people out of their comfort zone with his encouraging and kind approach which enabled the participants to demonstrate their strengths and also identify their areas of growth.

The Leadership training was inspirational and facilitated with enthusiasm and thoughtful expertise. It was an engaging two days which were described as inspiring, enjoyable and a great platform for thought.

Peter is a dynamic presenter! He created great energy in the room and allowed people to explore their Leadership style in a safe and supportive environment.

Marion Hoadley
HR Manager, Our Place Society, Victoria, BC

I’ve known Peter McCoppin for over a decade and highly recommend him as a thoughtful, skilled and engaged facilitator, coach and motivational leader.

Mark Ripplinger
President and CEO, Everlink

Peter McCoppin is a captivating speaker whose enthusiasm easily captures – and holds – the attention of his listeners.

Court Services Branch had the pleasure of engaging Peter as keynote speaker at a leadership conference in 2018.

His enthusiasm is infectious, and he made everyone in the room feel like he was speaking directly to them – even though there were over 100 attendees!

His emphasis on communication as a developed, practiced, skill invites audience engagement.

In fact, when he shares his wisdom about effective listening, resolving conflict and building rapport, he deftly weaves a bond between speaker and audience that’s appealing to all.

Peter McCoppin is a compelling powerhouse of expertise with energetic, impressive presentations.

These traits, plus his practical, down-to-earth advice, make for a valuable and lasting learning experience.

Lynda Cavanaugh
Assistant Deputy Minister, Court Services Branch Ministry of Attorney General

Peter McCoppin is making waves in leadership development in the BC Public Service.

His refreshing and provocative approach leaves me feeling inspired, curious, and willing to dig deeper in being the best person and leader I can be. Great quotes, even better questions, and books and resources galore!

Thank you, Peter.

Lynn Kriwoken
Executive Director, Water Protection & Sustainability Branch

Over the last couple of months I engaged the services of Peter Mc Coppin to lead a series of team building workshops with the executive of my organization. I was extremely satisfied with the level of service we received from Peter, and felt that the outcome of this process was well worth the time and expense. ...

During our sessions as a group, Peter brought boundless energy, enthusiasm and passion for the task and was a catalyst for high productivity for the whole team. Peter's expertise was apparent to all immediately, and the team was enthused by his anecdotes, quotes, and ability to easily link theory with practical hands-on application. Every day we spent with Peter was packed full of useful content, and all participants were buoyed and motivated through his personal style and deep expertise.

Jill Kot
Assistant Deputy Minister Workplace Technology Services

I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege of working with Peter McCoppin to develop a Team Charter for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Snow Avalanche Programs.

This is a diverse and independent group of 28 individuals, all whom work towards a common purpose of ensuring safety from the threats of avalanches for those who work and travel on Provincial Highways.

Despite initial hesitations by many who felt the exercise was little more than yet another “group hug,” it became quickly evident that Peter had much more to offer.

The magic of working with Peter is his ability to “cut to the chase” and bring out the best of individuals and groups. He does this with probing insightful questions that demonstrate his deep wisdom and intuitive abilities.

Peter was the consummate facilitator by ensuring that the development of the Charter was inclusive, respectful, interactive and most importantly, created solely by those who would ultimately live by it.

The end result was a sense of overwhelming pride, accomplishment and ownership that has created a much stronger bond within the group than ever before. Because of our time spent with Peter McCoppin, we are without question, a more cohesive, unified group that delivers vital safety services with passionate dedication.

Mike Boissonneault
Manager, Avalanche and Weather Programs Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

“Peter was a keynote at First West’s leadership conference for 150 managers.  He was without a doubt a highlight of the conference, providing an uplifting and inspirational speech on leadership.

Over the years I have heard many people speak to leadership, yet Peter’s has been one of the best.  His engaging delivery and his how to examples will be instrumental in providing lasting changes in behavior.  I think in particular his advice on creating a vision statement for your life will have a meaningful influence for our teams.  I gladly recommend Peter, he was a pleasure to partner with.”

CEO First West Credit Union
Former President of Starbucks, USA

“Peter is a true delight to work with, his command of language and passion for clear communications challenges even experienced speakers to improve their ability to express themselves and captivate an audience.”

Olympic and Pan American Games Medalist,inspirational Speaker,consultant, and Author.

“I have had the distinct honour of working with Peter McCoppin for the past few years and can honestly say he is an outstanding coach and captivating speaker. His enthusiasm and confidence in leading and engaging people is infectious. Peter’s “out of the box” thinking, paired with a unique and charismatic approach to life, is what makes him so great to work with. He is truly a pleasure to be around…
Thank you Peter”

President of Envision Financial

“It is said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. The experience of working with you to develop and deliver my speech surpassed any preconceived idea I had. It was lifted from a mechanical exercise to a deep and personal exploration of what it means to pursue one's purpose.

At one point we discussed the idea of living in the Divine. That was when I began to understand what sets you apart from so many others.
You are living an inspired life. And because of this, you profoundly influence others.

Thank you!”

Executive Director People and Workplace Strategies Branch Government of BC

…For several years, Berlineaton partnered with Peter to deliver high quality, effective, continuous improvement support to a wide variety of public and private sector client organizations. Berlineaton are very particular with who we choose to team as the integrity of our brand promise is of prime importance to us and our clients. During the time we worked with Peter, we were impressed with the high praise his work elicited from the many people he worked with, helping to further position Berlineaton as a reliable provider of innovative, enduring leadership development solutions for organizations struggling to progress in the face of complex change.

For example, during our "Essence of Effective Leadership" series, delivered to dozens of BC Public Service participants over a series of weeks, all our client participants were effusive in their praise for Peter’s work, which garnered an average satisfaction rating in the range of 95%. Of particular note is Peter’s ability to ‘read’ his audience and quickly tailor his approach as appropriate. He is also an excellent raconteur and able, through his example, to transfer knowledge, experience and confidence to workshop participants in an engaging, authentic and empathetic manner.

Personally, as a management consultant with over 20 years’ experience working with a wide variety of organizations, I have been honoured to be associated with Peter and his work, and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a tireless, fully committed, and professionally gifted change agent for the benefit of their people and organizations…

Richard H. Eaton
CD, MA, FCMC, ACC Partner and Senior Consultant Berlineaton

Peter McCoppin offered unique perspectives, expert advice and coaching for public speaking and leading others that was refreshing and effective.

A strength is his willingness to listen to the individual and bring forward the personality traits in speaking that will be most listened to and recognized as your ‘brand.’

Diane Nicholls
RPF ADM, Chief Forester

Peter McCoppin is making waves in leadership development in the BC Public Service.

His refreshing and provocative approach leaves me feeling inspired, curious, and willing to dig deeper in being the best person and leader I can be. Great quotes, even better questions, and books and resources galore!

Thank you, Peter.

Lynn Kriwoken
Executive Director, Water Protection & Sustainability Branch

Public speaking is something that many people fear and yet is critical in the development of a leader. I worked with Peter to develop my abilities in in this area. I learned how to change my approach to ensure that my message is powerful and to deliver it with confidence.

Peter is an exceptional coach and brings with him an enthusiasm that is unparalleled. He is a captivating speaker and skilled at sharing techniques that allow others to develop confidence in their own abilities. He is knowledgeable, provides practical advice, and supports those he works with to see tangible results. Peter’s many years of experience as a conductor and as a radio and television broadcaster positions him well to do this work.

I have found Peter to be extremely committed to this work and am of the view that the experience he brings can support others to develop as leaders.

Elenore Arend
Assistant Deputy Minister, BC Corrections Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

It was truly wonderful and enjoyable to work with Peter, but most importantly, the experience was exceptionally productive and beneficial.

Peter has a remarkable ability to determine your needs and to work with you to build on your strengths. He is passionate, engaged, enthusiastic, erudite and highly insightful. A consummate teacher.

I specifically went to him to help me craft a speech and to improve my delivery. I came away delighted, confident and enthused. P eter was able to capture my key goals, ideas and concepts and transform these into powerful and effective messages. I have no doubt that I will be able to apply the lessons learnt to any further public engagements that I might have. In fact, I look forward to preparing my next speech. It is as if he has given me a suite of excellent tools that I can readily draw upon.

I can not recommend him more highly.

Nigel Livingston
Director, CanAssist.