Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, International Orchestral Conductor, National Host/Broadcaster

  • Peter McCoppin's Leadership Workshop is among the highest rated of its kind in the Government of British Columbia.

  • Peter has facilitated 60 team-building sessions in the Public and Private Sectors.

  • He has pursued his passion in music as an International orchestral conductor with a 30 year career on 4 continents.

  • In 1989 Peter's positive approach played a key role in leading the Vancouver Symphony out of bankruptcy and in rebuilding public support and corporate confidence.

  • He was also the first Canadian conductor to lead major orchestras in: Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney, and Mexico City.

  • As a keynote speaker Peter is represented by 3 national agencies in Canada.

  • He has given key-note addresses throughout North America from Florida to Alaska.

  • Peter also has a 40 year career as a host/broadcaster in television and radio both in Canada and the USA.

Watch Peter's Keys to Leadership, Presentation Skills and Team Building

Courses + Workshops

Peter McCoppin has identified and developed skills and strategies for engaging an audience, enlisting an active response, and compelling people to action.

Speech Writing + Coaching

Peter McCoppin has coached senior leaders in both the Private and Public Sectors in the writing, practice, and delivery of major presentations with outstanding results.